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When: Thursday at 6:45 am 
Where: Ginger & Baker
Location: 359 Linden St
Fort Collins, CO  80524 USA
All Meetings are both Live and Zoom.
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PO Box 272728 Ft Collins, CO 80527
Andy Groeger
Aug 18, 2022 7:00 AM
Club Assembly
Sean Baxter
Aug 25, 2022 7:00 AM
Same Difference
Andy Groeger
Sep 01, 2022 7:00 AM
Club Assembly
Dr. Drew Leslie
Sep 08, 2022 7:00 AM
CSU, Trombone Ensemble
Andy Groeger
Sep 15, 2022 7:00 AM
Club Assembly
Club Executives & Directors
President Elect
Foundation Chair
Past President
Director - International Services
Director - Membership Services
Fundraising Chair
Director - Community Service
10k Raffle-co chair
Peach Festival
Director - Youth Services
10K Raffle co-chair
Director - Vocational Service
Director - Public Relations
Inspiration:  Ann Griffith inspired us with the story of a 98 year old Rotarian from Japan (whose photo is on the cover of the latest Rotary magazine) who is doing tea services all over the world, sharing the message of peace, reconciliation and brotherhood.
IDEA Quote:   “Life puts rocks in your path – it’s up to you to decide if you want to build a bridge or a wall with them.”
Upcoming Programs: please see the side panel for upcoming speakers and be sure to invite your friends!
Needs Quick Response:  Can you work a shift from 1-3 this Saturday at one of the local breweries to sell peaches?   If so, please contact Michele Marquitz at 970-215-9449 and she’ll give you all of the details! 
  • Amy Welsh (Tom and Amy’s daughter)
  • Beth Maddox (Columbia, MO) – Amy’s cousin
  • Speaker – Robert Williams
Awards:  Sara Murphy recognized several people in the club:
  • Paul Harris Awards – for those who have contributed $1,000 to The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International:  Arun Murthy, nephew of Krishna (+1), Curt Bear (+1), Carrie Broughton (+2), Carrie Levy (+3), Michele Marquitz (+3), Tim Cochran (+3), Carol Morris (+3), Andy Groeger (+4), Ellen Brinks (+5), Joe McCarthy (+3-6), Lynn Matson (+8), Mark Campbell (+8)
  • End of Year Club Awards:
    • Rock Star – Tom Welsh for his support for the Early Childhood Development Program and fixing bicycles for underserved kids
    • Rotary Spirit – Gary Tuner for his championship of a project to build a community garden in Zimbabwe
    • Guiding Light – Kristin Candella for thoughtful and organized leadership of the 10K fundraiser and for her boundless energy and creativity
    • Most Active New Member Joseph Vander Linde (awarded at end of year party)
    • Charlie Peterson Service Above Self - Fran Lefler (awarded at end of year party)
    • Rotarian of the Year – Joe McCarthy (awarded at end of year party)
Annual Peach Sale for Literacy:
  • Mike Griffith – please use the link below to sign up to volunteer for the Peach Sale Delivery or for selling peaches at the Peach Festival!
  • https://bit.ly/3JMvSDE
  • Ann Griffith – please consider a $250 sponsorship of a classroom (proceeds will be split between the literacy project (40%) and our club Foundation (60%)).  If interested, please contact ann.griffith@frosch.com
  • Andy Chaffin – be intentional about “selling literacy” to everyone you know!   The proceeds from the peach sales will provide grants for teachers for their literacy efforts as well as fund some of our club projects; encourage a business owner to buy a box for their staff or to distribute to customers
  • You can provide the recipe below to friends who might be looking for something great to make with all of those peaches.   Courtesy of Martine Bols.
The Peach Festival
Program:   Robert Williams new Executive Director of the Larimer County Health District
  • A special tax district serving the northern 2/3 of Larimer County, established in 1960
  • The organization’s mission is to enhance the health of the community and has a five-member board
  • The Health District impacted 10,648 individuals in 2021 with a staff of 125
  • Budget is $14 million; of that, $10 million comes from taxation and remainder is from property and grants
  • The bad news is that depression and substance abuse are up for teens (partially a function of Covid) but the good news is that they like to connect and receive counseling virtually.
  • This is somewhat unique to Larimer County.   There are only a handful of these types of programs in Colorado and the country.
  • The Health District provides many programs and services.   For more information about all of these, use the link below to see the Power Point the speaker used:
Thanks to the program committee for bringing us this informative program.
The 16th Annual 3rd Grade Literacy Project fundraiser is now underway. The Breakfast Club has opened up sales of 20 pond boxes of luscious Palisade Freestone Peaches to support literacy.
In addition to boxes of peaches, you may also purchase a delicious Ginger & Baker peach pie and some wonderful Jalapeño Peach Jam.
Visit the site: www.rotaryfcbreakfast.org to place your order.

​​​​​​​Jennifer Jones, Rotary International’s first female president, is the perfect leader to spread the word about the good Rotary does in the world, and inspire its members to keep going.

Jones, 55, was born in Windsor, Ontario, and — save for a few post-college years working in the Turks and Caicos Islands and Manhattan — has lived there her whole life. The oldest of three children, she'd run lemonade stands to earn money to give to charity, and recalls organizing a carnival in her family's yard to benefit kids with muscular dystrophy. "Growing up, my parents had given us wings to do service in our community," she says. Today, her mom, dad, and one of her brothers and his wife are Rotarians. Her other brother created a painting that inspired Jones' presidential-theme ties and scarves.

Read more about RI President Jennifer using the following link:

The second annual Field of Honor® Flag Display will be help over Memorial Day weekend, May 27 - 30, 2022 at Spring Canyon Park, 2626 West Horsetooth Road. For $50, you can honor your own personal hero which can include veterans, living or deceased, active military, first responders, frontline workers, medical workers, teachers, or other personal heroes. Each hero’s medallion will be proudly displayed on a flag at the Field of Honor®.
Please visit www.rotaryfcbreakfast.org where you will find a link to purchase a medallion. You can pick up your medallion at the site anytime during the weekend. Sponsorships are also available from the same site.
500 American flags will be proudly displayed at the site.
Proceeds from the sale of the medallions will support Health4Heroes and the Fort Collins Rotary Club Foundation.
The annual $10K "Love Our Community" Raffle was held February 14, 2022. Proceeds raised support our local and international People of Action Projects.
Congratulations to the $10K Winner for this year.
The entire Fort Collins Breakfast memberships wishes to express our greatest gratitude to all who bought tickets for this event. Past funds raised have gone on to support several local charities and to foster international understanding through projects for clean water and health.
Rotary District 5440 Governor Chris Woodruff and Karoline joined several Breakfast Club members for their monthly reading program at Laurel elementary School in Fort Collins. The students were thrilled to have a near "Santa" look alike reading with them. The reading program is a cooperative project between the Breakfast Club and the Book Trust organization.
Kathy Phifer from the CSU School is Cool Backpack Program presented an over view of their efforts to make sure that all students have the necessary material that they need to have a successful year regardless of their economic status. For the 2019-2020 school year, they gave out 2614 backpacks at 51 schools using the $51,000 donated to the program. Each backpack contains the appropriate material for the particular grade level. Each backpack contains anywhere from $75 to $150 worth of material, depending on the grade. With the help of the CSU Bookstore, each pack costs only $25 for the pack and material.
The program started in 1991, with 60 backpacks and 5 schools.
Thirty five families and almost 100 children will have a bright and merry holiday season as the members of Breakfast Rotary came forward to supply presents. This gift giving program has been going on for many years in conjunction with the Poudre Head Start.
On September 19, 2019, the Rotary Clubs in Fort Collins donated $10,000 from the proceeds of the 2019 Peach Festival to the Boy's and Girl's Club in Fort Collins.
Thanks to our sponsors 
Greens Fore Giving is an annual fundraising golf tournament put on by the Fort Collins Rotary Breakfast Club. Our event this year is on June 14th, 2019 at Colindale Golf course located in Fort Collins, CO.

Schedule of Events:

10:30am – Check-In

12:00pm– Shotgun Start – Box Lunches will be provided

5:00pm-7:30pm – Post tournament cocktail party (*open to all Rotarians – more details coming soon)

This years supported charities include: Fort Collins Habitat For HumanityFoundation Music School, Fort Collins Breakfast Rotary Club,Fort Collins Foothills Rotary ClubFort Collins After Work Rotary ClubFort Collins Downtown Club (1918 Club) Rotary Club.

Grand Door Prize

Getaway Trip to San Diego, CA

To register click HERE
The Rotary Club of Fort Collins Breakfast along with the three other Fort Collins Rotary Clubs joined together on January 27 at Chippers Bowling Lanes to raise over $40K for Polio Plus at the Purple Pins for Bowling event.

Lane sponsors, food donations, club members, family and friends and high spirits worked together to make the day a huge success.
Members of the Fort Collins Breakfast Rotary Club once again will be making some local residents very happy this holiday season. Through the efforts of Rotarians Gary Turner and Andrew Hensen, the members of the club adopted over 40 families. Gifts were purchased and wrapped and will be handed out to over 100 children who might not have had a bright Christmas. The Club has been adopting families for many years and the numbers grow every year.
Dave Talbot, Sara Murphy, Marge Mercurio  - Crutches for Africa
Do you remember David Talbot from Crutches 4 Africa? He came to our club earlier in May as our program speaker – and a powerful program it was! 

It stirred a “movement.”  Remember lugging in all those walkers, crutches, ski and trekking poles, boots and wheelchairs to meetings so they could be collected and prepared for delivery?  We also approached other Rotary Clubs in Fort Collins and they added devices and encouragement to this collection.

Well, Monday August 27th was the delivery day!!!
The van was packed with approximately 100 crutches, 10 walkers, 3 wheelchairs, 50 canes/trekking & ski poles, 10 boots and one leg (guess who donated that?)  At breakneck speed, an hour and a half later, those mobility devises were combined with others from many, many different collection sources. 
Everything will be loaded into a 20-foot shipping container and sent to Africa this fall. These mobility devices will ultimately change the lives of so many people.
Thank you for your commitment TO ONCE AGAIN make the world a better place in the name of Rotary!
Website: crutches4africa.org
Thank you to all who participated in our Greens for Giving Golf Tournament.
Total amount raised: $27,000
Habitat for Humanity received $6,100 and the Foundation Music School received $3,300
Remaining funds will be used in support of Rotary projects here in Fort Collins and around the world.
Congratulations to Natalie Brown, Executive Director of Spirit Crossing Clubhouse in Fort Collins, for being awarded the Dr. Edward Gillette Vocational Service Award.  This annual award is presented in memory of Dr. Edward Gillette, a veterinarian who developed and directed the Comparative Oncology Unit at Colorado State University and was the Chairman of the Department of Radiological Health Sciences from 1989-1998. Dr. Gillette was also a charter member and past president of the Rotary Club of Fort Collins Breakfast.  Natalie was selected by club members in recognition of her vocational excellence and integrity as leader of Spirit Crossing Clubhouse for 18 years.   Natalie is a great part of the Rotary Club of Fort Collins Breakfast .
Thanks to Fort Collins Rotary Clubs, all Fort Collins schools are getting Buddy Benches.  See info about Buddy Benches here. Pictured is the new Buddy Bench at Werner Elementary School. The engraving for Peggy Barnstorff is in memory of the school’s former Occupational Therapist who, after working for PSD for many years, passed away last year. She was the wife of fellow Rotarian Garth Barnstorff.
New Members!
Our new member, Walt Grady, has lived in Fort Collins for 28 years. He grew up in Pittsburgh, PA.  Prior to Fort Collins, he lived with Marti, his spouse/partner, and two children, on the coast of Maine for fourteen years. Walt says, “ I have been married to Marti since the bicentennial of our country.
A warm welcome to our new member Brenda Simon. She is the CEO of Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital and Northern Colorado Long Term Acute Hospital.Brenda joined Rotary because “I have been looking for a way to integrate into the community (Covid has definitely been a barrier.)
Tony Catania, Senior Finance Manager at Kaiser Permanente Health Plan joined our club in May, 2021. He has lived in the Fort Collins area for about a year.His hobbies include running, hiking, board games, podcasts, cross-country skiing and many others. Tony joined our Rotary club as a way to invest in the Fort Collins community, get to know people and focus on the world outside of work and home.
Warm greetings to our newest Rotary member Joseph Vander Linde. In 2017, Joseph and wife Gina built a home in Timnath. In July 2020, their son Benjamin was born and joined the family along with dog Nova and their cat Kitten.
Our newest member, Brooke Cunningham, Philanthropy Manager for Neighbor to Neighbor, has lived in the Fort Collins area since 2014. Brooke wanted to join the Rotary Club of Fort Collins Breakfast “To help make a difference! I wanted a way to get more involved in the community but also wanted the fellowship that comes with a service organization."
Some background information and insight into our newest member, Becky de la Torre, MD. 
What is your Job title and company: Physician and co-owner of Allura Skin, Laser and Wellness Clinic. 
I practiced in Lincoln, NE for 4 years before moving to Colorado. I practiced traditional medicine in Loveland until 2004 and then in Fort Collins from 2004-2008. I have owned a medical spa since 2004.
Claire Bouchard, Vice President of United Way of Larimer County is our newest member.  Previously she held positions as a national marketing director for SAFEbuilt; co-founder of Slate Communications, a Fort Collins-based marketing and creative firm; and Public Relations Coordinator for the City of Fort Collins.
Our new member, Jen Parker, Executive Director, KRFC, 88.9 FM is a veteran marketer with extensive experiences in the multimedia industry working in both Europe and the U.S. for leading companies, such as such as Future Publishing, Ziff-Davis, Imagine Media, Raycom Media/NBC and iHeartmedia.
Let’s welcome Mark Eversole, retired PSD principal, currently a new business owner of Sole Realty Services LLC.  They provide measuring and drawings of floor plans for residential and commercial realtors as well as photography and drone videos.Mark has lived in the Fort Collins area for 27 years.  He has “been happily married for 40 years to the love of my life Laura. We have three grown children, Mitchell, Lauren and Conner, a son-in-law Ryan and a grandson Wylie. Grand kids are the best!!”
Joe McCarthy new Rotary Club of Fort Collins Breakfast memberMeet Joe McCarthy, owner of JDI Consulting, LLC (that stands for “Just Do It.”) He's ex-Hewlett Packard (like many others), and is now active in traffic safety/integrated crash analysis. Joe has lived in Fort Collins for 15 years and prior to that lived outside the US for almost 20 years, in France, Singapore, Egypt, and Dubai.